How’s it Feel to be in the Minority?

Everyone in the LGBTQ community knows how it feels to be in the minority, but in the end, we’re all in a minority. No one is just like me and if I had enough time, I could probably segment myself down to being the only one in my “minority group”.

In the Minority T-ShirtLast weekend, I saw a white American man at a Spring Training baseball game, put himself in a minority without uttering a word. If you don’t know this already, white guys at Spring Training games ARE NOT in the minority. You may be thinking, he was cheering for the Away team, but actually, the fan split was pretty even since the Away team’s real home was only an hour up the road.

With an even split, he’s already lost his majority, but when he shows up wearing a t-shirt like the one in the photo, what happens? Of the remaining 50%, roughly half are gone because they are liberal or Democrat. He’s down to being a 25% minority. Despite baseball being an American game, there were no doubt other nations represented and certainly other religions besides Christianity were represented. We know there are some conservatives who support gun control laws, so he may have lost a few more percentage points there. If there were any Log Cabin Republicans at the game, then he lost a few more.

Of those remaining, who matched his shirt’s criteria, I bet half would have preferred not to be aligned with him, but maybe that’s just me showing my faith in people.

But yes, Mr. American, conservative, pro gun, Christian, heterosexual, I’ve got a few questions…

  1. Did you mean to put yourself in the minority?
  2. How does wearing that shirt make you feel?
  3. How do you want people who don’t align with your shirt to feel?
  4. Did you secretly wish “White” was also on your shirt?
  5. Do you consider yourself prejudiced against anyone not like yourself?
  6. Would you enjoy the world if everyone was just like you?
  7. Do you think this is the road to Peace on Earth?
PS… I notice “HUMAN” wasn’t in the list.

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