More Than a Gay Stereotype

You know, I’m more than a gay stereotype. Yep, there are all sorts of groups that I can be lumped into and some of the stereotypes fit… some of them don’t. We all know stereotypes can be useful and funny, but we’ve seen them used negatively and maybe we’ve even been guilty of misusing them ourselves. Take a look at my list…¬†More Than a Gay Stereotype

I am

  • an American
  • white
  • a woman
  • gay
  • a golfer
  • a Midwesterner – (born and raised)
  • a Floridian – (transplanted)
  • a Democrat
  • a geek
  • a fan of Bill Gates
  • a fan of Windows 7
  • a tree hugger (wannabe anyway)
  • middle class
  • an¬†entrepreneur
  • a college graduate
  • self-employed
  • a health nut (ok, big time wannabe here)
  • a member of an MCC church
  • a former member of the country club
  • an iPhone and iPad lover

Did anything in that list trigger any sort of judgment within you? Are you and I as prone to having negative or positive reactions to stereotypes as those who are prejudiced against us? Learning to suspend judgment almost goes against human nature (maybe it’s more of a divine trait). If I were coming up with the grand definition of “me”, it probably wouldn’t have anything in that list on it. It would have more to do with the love I have for my family and friends, with my insecurities and fears, and my search for spiritual truths. Probably not what you would expect after reading my list.

Even if we fit with some of the stereotypes attributed to the groups to which we belong, we are not defined by them. So let’s become more aware of our judgments driven by stereotypes. Let’s try to focus on the things we have in common or the things we admire first and maybe there won’t be time to think about the things we don’t like.

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