Gay Kiss Publicity

Gay Kiss Publicity

There’s been a lot of “gay kiss” publicity recently. There was the first-ever gay kiss on the long-time soap Days of Our Lives, then the marine homecoming kiss that went viral, then two women being asked to leave a restaurant after the were seen sharing a kiss, and of course, the George Clooney / Billy Crystal kiss on the Oscars. However, the real perspective on the importance of these American growing pains comes with the start of the trial involving a webcam in a Rutgers dorm room, a gay kiss and the tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi.

Kissing in public and other PDAs (public displays of affection) even by heterosexuals, has not always been acceptable. Some religions and cultures still frown upon it and maybe always will. For most Americans however, hetero kissing in public garners no attention as long as no one gets carried away. And someday, gay kisses won’t bring any special notice either and it’s thanks in some part to the participants in these recent news stories and others like them. Every cultural shift has its heroes, some are courageous leaders by choice and some by circumstance. The rest of us just offer support or silent gratitude, knowing someday these issues will no longer be issues because our heroes tore down the walls.

My question to gays and lesbians… Where are you in your public kissing journey? (Let’s not judge each other, but rather gain a greater understanding through sharing.)

  • Are you making a statement by practicing PDAs every chance you get. Trying to stretch the world with a little shock value every once in a while?
  • Are you uncomfortable or even afraid to share a lingering glance at your partner?
  • Maybe you just don’t care or even think about it when the moment is right for a spontaneous kiss?
  • Maybe you’re like me and just wish it was a non-issue and gently stretch your own world a little bit more every year by being a little more public with your PDAs?
  • Do you tell people it’s not because your gay, but you hate all PDAs? Do you ever wonder if you talked yourself into that belief?

Tell me your stories in the comments below.

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